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We’re taking a little break…

It’s been an exceptionally tough year. Words like unprecedented fail to effectively capture the insanity that 2020 has been – certainly a year we will not forget. From weeks of napping fueled by anxiety and exhaustion in light of unending uncertainty, to moments of clarity and gratitude as we had the opportunity to reflect on life, its beauty and its fragility. With doomsday headlines and rising death tolls, I often wondered if or when things would ever return to a semblance of normalcy. We’ve used more sanitizer than imaginable and zoomed or called more than we ever thought we could. We’ve embraced social distancing and learned to send and receive virtual forms of love.  We’ve longed for the company and presence of friends and family, stay at distance in attempts to stay safe, and in the hopes that sooner or later, we would be united and laugh at all that 2020 has been. And here we are.

Personally it has been a year of growth, healing and soul-soothing realizations. I’ve had the opportunity to be reintroduced to myself and others, not as the version we desire to be, but as the raw, unfiltered versions of who we are. And it has been a ride. I got to dream and reimagine who I could be, what I aspire to achieve and the legacy I long to leave. 2020 taught me to value rest, to embrace my struggles and to only show up as my most authentic self, and to hold space for others to do the same. The danger my “get it done at all cost to self” lifestyle poses to my health and wellbeing became blaring clear and I have had to learn that I too am allowed to grow weary, to feel overwhelmed and to step back to recalibrate, with no sense of shame or failure. These are truths I have struggled to reconcile but they are integral truths nonetheless. Truths I continue to wrestle with daily.

So here I am, at the end of December 2020 surrounded by boxes of floral walls and gold lustre dust – thrilled and terrified at the opportunity to take a step back. To dream again, to be inspired again and to reinvent We Like Cake. My dream of creating whimsical, delicious cakes is being bottled and shelved, left to steep as I spend some time being a consultant in the skills development space , and as I freelance to help others build brands and launch their businesses. So you’re probably wondering: Will I ever cake again? Probably. Will I be taking orders? Sort of (See calendar below). Is this the end of We Like Cake? Not at all. So what does this mean? Honestly, I don’t know. I just know that I need a break to re-conceptualize – To begin again, to dig deeper foundations and to dream bigger dreams. As a creative, I love cake as an expressive medium, so I will continue to share my cake art with a few of you, but as an art form – without the pressure, without bills to pay and sans the rest of the things that have dimmed the flame of my cake passion.

The realization of my cake dreams are a result of many of you choosing me as your baker of choice. I’ve loved being a part of your many life celebrations and sharing the special moments with you. To show my gratitude and to not leave you hanging, I’ve put this calendar out so you can book the birthday, wedding and event cakes you’d like me to do in 2021. This way I know who’s cake art I’m pouring myself into, and you’re sure you still get your favourite cake for your event. But this does mean limited spaces. So book as early as possible and we can iron out the details closer to the time. This chapter is new and exciting, confusing and terrifying, but I look forward to new heights and more growth in ways I hadn’t imagined. I know when I get back, We Like Cake will only be better and I cannot wait to share it all with you.

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Until then, thank you and see you soon.

Stay safe.



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