Are you getting married? Well congratulations. It’s all so exciting. Welcome to our wedding section. Planning this significant day can be incredibly stressful, but your cake is about to be one less thing for you to worry about. Check out our wedding cake FAQs below to help answer some key questions as you make your way through the delightful process of picking your dream cake.

Wedding Cake FAQs

Flavours, Style and Sizes
  • What size cake will I need?

    The cake size is dependent on how many people you intend to feed. See our cake sizing guide to help figure out how much cake you’ll need.

  • Can I have a different flavour in each cake tier and can I have the ganache flavored?

    Yes you can. During the consultation, we can discuss the various options.

  • May I get fresh fruit in my wedding cake?

    Yes you can. Some of our wedding cake flavours are fruity with a combination of fruit coulis and fruit slices in between layers.

  • Do you offer dessert tables?

    Yes we do. Our dessert table options include donuts, donut holes, meringue kisses, cake truffles and cupcakes, amongst other options. Feel free to ask during the cake consultation.

  • Do the prices include the fresh flowers?

    For wedding cakes, we do not provide flowers. We prefer to work with your wedding florist to ensure synergy between the venue florals and the cake florals. Should you not be using flowers at the venue, we can include flowers on the quotation.

  • Do you do make “fake cakes”?

    We do make dummy cakes for sale. Please call or email us to inquire.

  • Can I order a cake with false tiers and sheet cake to cut down costs?

    Yes this is an option we have available and can be a slightly more cost effective option.

  • Can you copy this cake (photo)?

    As with all our cakes, we are open to drawing inspiration from pictures, however we do not replicate cakes. Cakes are pieces of art and such are unique.

  • Do you accommodate allergy or dietary restrictions?

    We try our very best to identify ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction for those with food allergies. However there is always risk of contamination as in our bakery we use the following:
    * Gluten
    * Products with nuts & nut by-products
    * Eggs & egg by-products
    * Milk & dairy products
    * Wheat
    Although we have strict cross contamination policies; we cannot guarantee a total absence of these items in any of our products. Customers with food allergies must be aware of this risk. We Like Cake will not assume any liability for adverse reactions from the food consumed, or items one may come in contact with whilst consuming our products.

  • Do you work with fondant or buttercream?

    We primarily work with buttercream , and ganache. We do make some exceptions for fondant cakes. Feel free to contact us with your design and we will happily talk through some options.

  • I see on your website that you mostly use buttercream instead of fondant; can you create any design in buttercream?

    Buttercream is a stable and versatile frosting option. Depending on your design, we may be able to create it using buttercream. Email us at to book a consultation and we can discuss the various possibilities to make your dream cake a reality.

  • What are my flavour choices?
    • Classic Vanilla: A moist vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream.
    • Rich Chocolate: A delightful dark chocolate cake soaked in brandy with decadent chocolate ganche.
    • Chocolate Buttercream: A decadent chocolate cake with double chocolate buttercream.
    • Red Velvet: A tangy red velvet cake with a delicious lemon cream cheese buttercream.
    • Coconut & Citrus Cake: Layers of delicious vanilla coconut cake soaked with a zesty syrup and lemon buttercream.
    • Vanilla Lemon: A delicious vanilla cake filled with lemon buttercream and a drizzle of lemon curd.
    • Carrot Cake: Spicy carrot cake with a lemon cream cheese buttercream.
    • Cappuccino Cake: A delicious coffee cake with mocha buttercream or whipped cream.
    • Ferrero Rocher: Dark chocolate cake with layers of a Roasted hazelnut and ganache.
    • Passion fruit: Passion fruit sponge layered with a delicious fresh Passion fruit buttercream
    • Peaches & Cream: A delicious vanilla cake filled with a peach coulis and covered in vanilla bean buttercream.
    • Strawberries & Cream: : A delicious vanilla cake filled with a strawberry coulis and strawberry slices, covered in vanilla bean buttercream.
  • Can you make sugar flowers?

    We prefer to work with fresh blooms, however we do make exceptions for sugar flowers. Feel free to call us with your inquiry.

  • How far away do you deliver?

    We deliver throughout the Johannesburg Metropolitan area.

  • Do you deliver and set up the cake? What is the fee?

    We recommend that we deliver the cake to ensure it arrives in meticulous condition. Our delivery fee is calculated by distance and our setup fee is R250.00. Once we have the details of the wedding venue, we can provide an accurate quotation for the delivery.

  • Do you provide cake toppers?

    We have a range of wooden and acrylic wedding themed cake toppers available for purchase. We can also order custom cake toppers at an additional cost.

  • Do you provide cake stands?

    We have a wide range of cake stands available for hire. Feel free to inquire or send images and we’ll do our very best to supply something similar to make your cake table one to remember.

    Weather, displaying the cake & Storage
  • How do I store my cake before my event?

    We recommend that the cake remain refrigerated for as long as possible, particularly in the heat of the summer. This will ensure it looks great on display and for photos, but also tastes great.

  • My reception is outside, will my cake melt?

    Depending on how long the cake is kept on display, and the temperature on the day, it can. Think of how butter can soften or even completely melt if left on the counter on a hot summer day. Similarly, cakes made of buttercream will likely do the same. Make sure the cake is kept out of direct sunlight, and limit the time the cake is kept on display. Also, is the ground level? It might look level, or level enough but if you have a buttercream cake, the buttercream will soften and any slant to the table might just cause the cake to slide, Even with supports, the cake could start looking like the leaning tower of Giza.

  • Do you freeze your wedding cakes?

    We make our cakes as close to the date as possible (usually a day or two before). However, in peak season, with high detail cakes or with larger cakes, we may need to bake layers 3-4 days earlier to give us enough time to decorate and cool the cake so it transports well and décor dries in place.

  • When should I get in touch about my wedding cake?

    To avoid disappointment, we advise that you book your wedding cake at least 3-6 months in advance, especially during peak season. To secure your booking, you will need to pay a 50% deposit. The outstanding balance must be paid 7 days before the delivery date. We will provide a full refund if the cake is cancelled within 45 days of the wedding. Should you cancel within 30 days, you will be able to get a 25% refund.

  • Do I have to decide on the final details right now?

    Not at all. With so many decisions to be made, you may need to make changes closer to the time. You have up to 2 months before the wedding date to finalize details and pay for any additional amounts that may arise.

  • Can we make changes to our order after placing a deposit?

    Yes you can. However, depending on the changes made, you may incur additional charges which will be added to the outstanding amount.

  • How do I book/order my cake?

    Step 1: Book a cake consultation with us. Liz, the founder and creative director will meet with you and your party to discuss the details of your cake. Even if you already know what flavor and design you’d like, come in for the tasting and take all the selfies with your tribe, to mark the special occasion.
    Step 2: We send you a quote for your consideration based on the details we discussed. Changes and amendments can be made here.
    Step 3: Should you accept the quote, a 50% deposit is made to secure your date and slot. Voila! Your wedding cake is booked.

    Cake Consultations
  • What happens at the wedding cake consultation?

    Our cake consultations are 30-60 minute sessions where we discuss all the various aspects of your cake. You also have the opportunity to taste 3 flavours of cake and frostings, to help decide on your wedding cake flavours. The consultation/cake tasting is R180 and up to 4 people can attend. You are encouraged to bring pictures and designs and anything else that’ll help us visualize your special day.

  • How many people may I bring to the consultation?

    You may bring a maximum of three people bringing the total number of attendees to four. We provide 3 cupcake flavours of your choice which are cut up into 4 pieces, served with a pot of tea.

  • Are we under any obligation to book the cake when we come in for our consultation?

    Not at all. The consultation is an opportunity for you to ask the questions you might have and consider options to help you choose your dreamy cake. We will provide you with a quotation within 48 hours of your consultation for you to consider.

  • Do you charge for wedding cake consultations?

    Yes we do. We join the cake consultation with a cake tasting to make the most effective use of your time. The consultation and cake tasting is R180 for a 30-60 minute session.

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